The review was extended an extra week as there were no bets in Week 12. It covers the 13 week period from Jan 4th 2013 to April 4th 2013.

Start  Bank  250 points

End Bank      260.9 points

Profit         +10.9 points

Return on Bank  4.4%

Highest Bank  343.5 pts

Lowest Bank   250.0 pts (at start)

This a soccer laying service using 7 European Leagues on Season and 4 additional European Leagues off season, therefore it can be used all year round. It is Not a lay the draw service.  Lays can be placed on the Betting Exchanges, I used Smarkets.

The cost of the service is £69.97 for  the instructions. There is an additional option to obtain  a list of potential matches by email twice a week that costs £29.97 a month or £69.97 for 3 months. Using the email service, weekend bets take about 40 mins to place and Weekday bets about 5 – 15 mins. Service is very good. All email queries were replied with promptly.

I only placed bets in the markets that fitted the criteria at the time the email bets became available, I did not leave any unmatched bets in the markets.

Betting at £10 per point would have given a profit of £109, but after paying for the instructions that would leave a reduced profit of  £49.03.  After paying for the email service for 3 months that would leave a loss of £30.94. You do not need to use the email service, but the time required to find and place bets would be more than 1 hour for the weekend bets.

The service official results for  May 16th 2012 to Dec 2nd 2012 for off-season leagues showed a return of +253.65 pts.

The service official results for Sept 14th 2012    to April 4th 2013 for  on season leagues showed a return of -22.55 pts.

Over a period of almost 11 months from May 16th 2012 to April 4th 2013, the service official results indicate a huge profit return of over 200 pts. However, our 13 week snapshot gave a profit of only 10.9 pts, which gave a loss of £30.94 (after paying for the service and betting £10 a point), so I’m awarding this service a Neutral.

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