Time to bring Football Loophole blog to an end.

How did I do?

The manual contains 7 different betting schemes, 5 of which are straight Backs or Lays and 2 trading schemes.

Home Win: Bets overall = 25, Wins overall = 14 (56%), Profit overall = £1.77

25 bets in almost 2 months of blogging this is not a high number of selections. In the end this scheme broke even. Rating: Neutral.

Asian: Bets overall = 1, Wins overall = 1 (100%), Profit overall = £1.02

1 bets in 2 months, although a winner is very poor. Rating: Failed.

Over 2.5: Bets overall = 118, Wins overall = 53 (44.92%), Profit overall = £-18.39

Far and away the scheme that produced the most selections. The scheme has had some good winning days and some bad ones too. Due to the overall loss; Rating: Failed.

Away Lay: Bets overall = 14, Wins overall = 11 (78.57%), Profit overall = £35.15

The only scheme to return an attractive profit, but with only 14 selections in 2 months this is hardly a money-spinner. So, due to the low number of selections; Rating: Neutral

Heavy Favourite Bets overall = 7, Wins overall = 6 (85.71%), Profit overall = £9.03

Made a profit but only 7 selections. Rating: Neutral

Evenly Matched Bets overall = 9, Wins overall = 2 (22.22%), Profit overall = £-57.80

Only 9 selections but what a loss they managed to generate! Rating: Failed.

Over 2.5 Trade

Due to my Bot not having the required level of granularity I was unable to follow the success or otherwise of the selection of this scheme. I did, however, comment that you would have to be very quick fingered to make a profit using this scheme as the odds you need will not be available for long. Rating: Unrated.

Overall, I started with £700 and have finished with £696.56. Of the 7 schemes we have 3 fails, 3 neutrals and 1 unrated. Looking at the copy from the sales website, “these methods are 100% sure to make you money”, nope, they arent and had I bought this system I would have asked for my money back. I also do not like websites that don’t provide results for me to verify. Lastly, this takes several hours at the weekend to find the selections; I managed to get it down to about 90 minutes.

I recommend Graham categorises this as Neutral on the grounds of too much effort and failing to make the “guaranteed profits”. However this is balanced by the profit generated from, Away Lay; if played for a bank of say £250 instead of £100, this scheme would have cleared the purchace price. Out of the 7 schemes this is the only scheme I would use.

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