Normal Tips

Bank £871.86

Birmingham v Doncaster. Back B’Ham £17.44 @ 1.58 Won  +£9.61

Lyon v Nice. Back Lyon  £17.63 @ 1.45 Won  +£7.53

Current Bank  £889.00

P/L -£111

Selections looked fairly solid and duly won but again it was a very close thing. Lyon got their winner with a penalty well into injury time. There were no correct score or trading bets advised. A list of scores were given as a trial run but instruction was a very clear “no bet”. Didn’t look too bad an atempt and the service claim to have had a great level of profit from these types of bets last season. I hope that repeats this season as they really do need to get into a bit of form soon. I am still reasonably confident that things will improve once the bigger leagues settle down and the champions league gets going.

No bets for either normal or challenge service Sunday.