Normal Tips

Bank £861.39

Turkey vs Bosnia. Back Turkey £34.46 @ 1.53. Bet Won +£17.35

Current Bank £878.74

Challenge Tips

Bank £64.03

Scotland v Norway. Lay Norway £4.50 @ 3.85. Bet Won  +£4.27

Germany v Russia Lay Russia £4.50 @ 5.2. Bet Won   +£4.27

Current Bank £72.57

All 3 bets won today. This service really needs to have a good run of results now. I am sure that the normal tips part of the service will recover and have a good run at some point, but I think the challenge part may well struggle.

At the start of the season they said that the target could be achieved with 95 correct bets at 5% of the bank per bet. They did say that they expected to have a few losing bets along the way and that this shortfall would be covered by having more bets throughout the season.

Only a couple of months into the challenge and the bank has lost more than 25% of it’s starting balance. It is difficult to see the target being met by the end of the season. It would require a winning run of 7 or 8 bets just to get back to the starting point at the current stake level and that kind of strike rate is way above anything we have seen from them so far.