Challenge Tips

Bank £72.57

Greece v Switzerland. Lay Switz £4.50 @ 5.1 Bet Lost  -£18.45

Current Bank £54.12

Normal Tips

Bank £891.51

Eire v Cyprus. Back Eire £26.75 @ 1.45. Bet Won +£11.44

Current Bank £902.95

The normal tips seem to be on a decent run at the moment, but it needs to continue in order to get back to the starting point. I would not write this one off yet.
The challenge continues to be a loser. It looks as though there’s no way back for this part. Maybe it should have been called the “Find the shock result” challenge. There’s only so many times that you can blame bad luck before you start to question the methods being used to make selections. I think there may well be some tweaking of the rules needed as the strike rate is very low considering the price of advised lays. You might get away with it at odds on but not in the 4.5 – 5.5 bracket.