Final Review

I have been recording the performance of Football Maestro tipping service since the start of the season. It does seem to have been an extra tricky start to the season this year, as several established services have struggled to find form.

This service comes in two parts. The main part of the service provides backing tips that target several different markets on matches from various competitions. The bets arrive via email the night before the event and are accompanied by a full write up of the reasons for the selection and a match preview. The email also contains unofficial advice for other major games taking place on the day in question and has recently started giving correct score predictions.

As mentioned above, it was a tricky start to the season and a I did start to get slightly concerned about the selection method being employed. The strike rate was very erratic and I did start to wonder if the variety of markets, countries and competitions being targeted was leading to a lack of focus. However over the last month of the test the service really found some form and put together a winning run of 16 bets to reclaim all losses and creep into profit. The good run has come to an end but the bank is still profit. Just.

Stakes are advised on a per bet basis and are in the form of a percentage of the bank. During the test period the average stake was around 2.5% and this kept losses low while they tried to find some form. There were occasions where the stake was left off of the advice email and rather worryingly I did not receive a response to my emails requesting a figure. This was more of an issue to me than it would be to other users as I have to record these to keep the review on a par with official results. Maybe that was the reason for their failure to reply, but it does show a little lack of customer service. There were other occasions when the information was incomplete but they sent out a second email correcting the problem without being asked. I know it seems a minor quibble, but the sales page claims emails will be answered quickly and that has not been my experience.

The Challenge tips part of the service was a different matter altogether. It did seem a stiff task before it began. The idea was to add around 5% to the bank with each bet. If on target it would take 95 bets to complete the challenge. The sales page claims that following their methods the challenge would have been met last season with only four losses all year. The shortfall was to be made up with some extra bets at the end of the season.

The challenge has endured an even rougher start than the normal tips part of the service and has failed to find any form during the test period. By the end the bank had lost over  half it’s starting balance and as the challenge revolves around laying at prices around the 4.5-5.0 mark it is highly unlikely that the challenge will now be met. That is not to say that it won’t improve on it’s current level of loss, but I can’t see a large profit being made by the summer.

If you were to just look at the end of test figures you would not be overly impressed with this tipster. However, the way the normal tips have recovered from their poor start gives hope that a decent level of profit will be achieved by the end of the season. Given the added  betting advise included with each email and the potentially lucrative correct score bets that have recently started to appear I think that I would recommend joining the service but would caution readers to take a watching brief on the challenge for a while yet. At around £50 for the whole season’s worth of emails and advice I would say it is reasonably good value and there is a refund offer if you are not satisfied. This service is sold through Clickbank and therefore the refund will be honoured.


Normal Tips

Starting Bank £1000

End Bank £1064.89

Profit £64.89

Challenge Tips

Start Bank £100

End Bank £45.88

Loss £54.12

A cautious Thumbs Up for this tipster.

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