This is final review of my test of Football Betting Mastermind.

The e-book costs £77.00, and for this you get three strategies to place bets on certain football matches.

The book takes you down the road of how to select which matches to look at in principle, but at the end of the day there is some personal thought required as to which matches to select, and therefore two different people may get some different selections from time to time.

For the purposes of the test, I made one point equal ten pounds.

I did not make selections from the middle strategy, as I don’t feel that I have quite the right knowledge in the area required, and didn’t wish to paint the wrong picture for those selections, should things not go to plan.

I did show what the selections were during the course of the test, as I felt that some of the process of creating the selections could possibly be worked out had I done so.

The result of the test were:


Selections: 69 (1 additional match was postponed)
Wins: 48
Strike Rate: 69.57%
Loss: £16.55.


Selections: 23
Wins: 10
Strike Rate: 43.48%
Loss: £62.04.

When I started to test this system, I was looking forward to a football system that provided a decent level of profits. I have run the test over a three month period, and of the two parts of the system, Strategy 3 has never been in the black throughout.

Strategy 1 has dipped in and out of the red, and after a good length of time to test, has ended in the red.

With Strategy 1, a large number of the selections are at or below 1.50, and a very good strike rate is required to achieve a profit.

With Strategy 3, the odds are better, but would still need a strike rate better than 1 in 2 to make money.

The Rating. Football Mastermind is going to be placed in the Failed category, as it is not a cheap system to buy at £77, and was a fair distance from making a profit, let alone recouping the initial outlay.

You can get Football Mastermind here: