We’ve come to the end of another month and the end of this 12-month trial. Please note that the following discussion uses the advised £5 per point rather than the usual Cashmaster standard £10 per point.

Football Multiplier is a tipster service that sends you bet selections each Friday. You get three singles that can easily be placed on Betting Exchanges if you want to keep under the bookmaker’s radar and one to two trixies (a combi bet of a treble and three doubles) which needs a bookmaker account to place the bet.

Looking at the Singles first. 155 bets were made over the 12-month period of which 89 won, a 57.4% success rate. But with average bookmaker odds of 1.657, you need a 60% success rate to break even. I did monitor these bets on the Betfair exchange too; the average odds were slightly higher at 1.684 but the breakeven point, even without commission, is 59.4%. It should be no surprise, therefore, that the bookmaker’s side of this service ended 40.1 points down and Betfair down 35.6.

This demonstrates how hard it is to bag a winner, even when odds-on, in football matches.

The Trixies fared no better. As shown above, the service struggled to predict results in singles so bundling similar predictions into an accumulator isn’t going to produce magic. Note that the accumulator usually uses different predictions than those used in the singles. In the 12 months, I had 87 bets and 45 wins and on the face of it a 51.7% success rate looks brilliant. However, I treat an acca as a win if two (or three) of the three legs won so the trial ended down 38.98 points.

My experience of this service certainly doesn’t square with the hyperbolae on the website. At best, I can only see this service providing some “fun” for the weekend. Whilst I am aware that a couple of full (all three legs) wins on the Trixies would probably bring that back to break even, at odds-on the singles will take a long time to recover.


You can get Football Multiplier here.