Sorry folks, I have been very poorly and today is really the first day where I could post the results for last month.

The singles did manage 7 wins from 12 bets but with average odds of 1.65, this did not result in a profit. The results here are to £5 stakes.

Month 2: Bets 12, Wins 7, Profit -113.25, Betfair -96.4
Overall: Bets 27, Wins 15, Profit -228.05, Betfair -204.69

The 3 wins from 7 bets this month were all partial wins where 1 leg of the Trixie lost. I have yet to see a Trixie where all 3 matches win. Here the results are to a bet total of £5.

Month 2: Bets 7, Wins 3, Profit -19.45
Overall: Bets 17, Wins 5, Profit -59.92

I am aware that £5 is not the CashMaster standard stake, but these are the stakes advised in the emails. I will make the necessary adjustment when I write the summary for this system.