There are still open bets on the trixies so this is a report on the singles for April only.

April netted quite a few wins matching the strike rate and returning a profit. I am sorry, but I just spotted that my summary formula in Excel was utter tosh so below are the amended figures.

Month 1: Bets 15, Wins 8, Profit -8.75, Betfair -7.66
Month 2: Bets 12, Wins 7, Profit -2.6, Betfair -2.12
Month 3: Bets 12, Wins 8, Profit 3.35, Betfair 4.42
Overall: Bets 39, Wins 23, Profit -8, Betfair -5.36

I have 3 months of results and the trial would normally stop here. 39 bets are not enough data on which to base a conclusion so I will keep going.