Another month ends a month which has been mainly focused on the summer leagues.

Singles are not showing any signs of improvement, but hopefully, once the major European leagues get into full flow this will change.

3 winning Trixies have brought this side of the service into a small profit. OK, one of those winning Trixies was for a loss of 0.64 points, but I treat anything less than a full loss as a win.

With only 66 singles and 38 Trixies, I need to run this trial for much longer to collect enough data on which I can form a conclusion. We may be looking at another 4 to 5 months here.

Month 5: Bets 15, Wins 8, Profit -9.3, Betfair -9.32
Overall: Bets 66, Wins 36, Profit -30.5, Betfair -32.08

Month 5: Bets 5, Wins 3, Profit 10.94
Overall: Bets 38, Wins 17, Profit 1.51