Apologies for not getting to this sooner. I have been recording results for Football Multiplier for some weeks now.

Putting to one side that the sign-up page is the sort of sales hyperbole that sets my teeth on edge, this service supplies the Top 3 singles and (so far) two Trixie bets each week. A Trixie is an accumulator built from three doubles and one three-fold. The singles can be placed on an exchange if you are concerned about bookmakers limiting your account but the Trixie bets are bookmaker only.

The tips are issued on a Friday and look like this:

As you can see the email not only contains the bet advice but recommends a bookmaker and a stake.

For the Top 3 singles, I will record both the bookmaker and Betfair prices. The Betfair prices will be taken when I record the bets in my spreadsheet, usually around lunchtime, and any wins will be adjusted for a 2% commission.

As there are so few bets per week, a weekly update doesn’t seem sensible so I will provide a summary every 4 weeks if I am able. Also, our standard 13-week trial might not generate enough data to form an accurate view of this service. If the service provider is willing, I will let this run for longer but I am unsure what will happen during the summer.

You can get Football Multiplier here.