Football Pay Day is, as the name suggests, a football betting system from the prolific Steve Davidson and his team. Football has, in many cases, replaced horse racing as the number one sport that people like to bet on and this is but one more product that Steve has produced in his quest to succeed in this area of betting.

The package costs £39.97 per month or there is a quarterly option at £90.97 that saves £6.65 per month making the system cicrca £1.10 per day to operate. An exchange account will be necessary to enable the various forms of bets to be placed and a Windows based computer on which the system will run. Please note that only one computer is licenced so if you go to work for a living you will need to think about access to your computer.

As background to this 3 month trial I should start by saying I have had no previous experience in trying to make money at football betting but I am aware of the many offers that drop into my email on a regular basis.

So to the system itself, downloading from the internet was extremely easy and an e-book comes with the operating system to walk you through the various betting options. Essentially the package produces some 203 statistics about a match and some 91 prices and this data also applies to all matches that are to be played on any given day.

I am sure there are some people who will say that all of this data on a match can, if you are diligent enough, be found for free on the internet but for the average person being able to access this wealth of data at the click of a mouse and  within a couple of minutes every morning by approximately 10 AM seems to a would be football bettor an efficient use of time and energy.

The system comes complete with 7 built in subsystems that cover the regular gamut of football betting -Lay the Draw/Over 2.5 goals etc. and these subsystems, when the morning download is completed, can be accessed in a couple of minutes together with current exchange price information and it is easy to place the bets  in a few minutes and then go about the day’s tasks. So really any prior knowledge of football betting or the teams involved are not necessary and at this early stage of the trial I am impressed at how simple the whole operation is.



This is the eighth and final report on Football Pay Day and covers the 30 day period 1-30 April 2016 inclusive.

1st -3o Apr :-                                           Running Totals 16th Oct 15 -30 Apr 16:-

System 1  Lay the Draw     -0.0 points                                  -18.25 points

System 2  Over 2.5 goals    -6.8 points                                   8.26 points

System 3  Over 1.5 goals    -3.4 points                                   9.25 points

System 4. Under 2.5 goals -4.4 points                                   -2.76 points  

                                                                              System 2-4  = 14.75 points

The 3 further systems results were as follows:-

1st-30 Apr :-                                              Running Totals 16th Oct 15  – 30 Apr16:-


1.a  Lay Half Time 0-0           = 1.5 points                          -10.5 points

1.b Lay the Full Time Draw   = -8.5 points                        -12.6 points


2.a  Both Teams not to Score  = 1.05 points                         1.1 points

2.b Lay The Draw                   = -2.75 points                      – 14.80 points


3.a Lay the Home Team            = -4.1 points                           0.25 points  

3.b Back the correct Score Draw= -23.45 points                   27.75points

Systems 2-4 had a losing month. Over the period of the trial – some 6 months – eventually accumulated 14.75 points .

The sub systems Audi and BMW again in April continued to be disappointing.

Merc – Correct Score Draw since a very profitable first month in the trial had gone on to wipe out this profit and was heavily negative some -67.41 points down but a big winner has brought this sub system back into the black. April however again proved to be a negative month. Given the long negative runs this system encounters it would require a separate bank.

So the system overall proved somewhat disappointing after a bright start, however neither systems 2-4 and Mercedes lost money although the licence fees, dependant on the level of staking, could eat the profit. Perhaps this has just been a poor season for the system and it may well do better throughout the summer.

Therefore I think the system should be given a NEUTRAL rating.

You can try Football Pay Day here:Neutral