A brief update on this service.

I’m still finding this hugely impressive and am improving my use of it each time I spend a few hours on it. I’ve taken to using the part where you can have different lists for each strategy you’re using very well. That way I’m notified every time a game that matches my criteria reaches the stage I’m interested in.

I also leave part of the main list on view but I manually delete as many fixtures as possible, leaving only games that I have selected before kick off as being of interest for trading. By doing this, I’m able to keep an eye on the games that I would normally be trading but I’m also picking up plenty of trading opportunities in games I wouldn’t have been looking at. Best of both worlds.

Another important development is that they’ve added a new, better video to the instructions page and removed one that was not quite as informative. The videos are now in a better order too, so you can disregard my note on that from the last update.

The videos really are very good, even if you don’t end up subscribing, they are worth a watch to see trades in action. Just select the video tab from the  main website, you don’t need to sign in to watch them.