This is my last update and final verdict on Football Scanner.

I’ve been trying this out, playing with different options for nearly a month now and have come to a decision.

This is getting APPROVED with bells on.

Had the first proper wobble with it on Friday when the feed went down just as the main games were kicking off. Annoying, but an email was quickly sent out to members saying they were contacting the providers and would be back up as soon as poss. I didn’t check too often but it was certainly back working Saturday morning. That’s the first real issue I’ve had, a very brief spell of the time being wrong was recorded on the previous update. Nothing to worry about.

I can honestly say I really like this tool and plan on using it often. It’s so easy to use and saves so much time jumping back and forth from Betfair to stat and score sites. It also allows you to spot trades you’d never have seen without it.

The videos on the site are extremely helpful and there are more to be found on Youtube, showing methods of trading that would be easy to spot when used with the scanner.

At £29 a month it is a bargain in my opinion and it works out cheaper if you sign up for longer periods. You get plenty of help and support, plus there’s a page with lots of basic trading methods explained to help get you going.

All-in-all I love it. But there’s a few little tips and tricks I can pass on:

1) Once you’ve signed up, rewatch the videos. What I did was to have the Videos Page open, then open a new tab on my browser and have the Scanner itself on that. So now I could hop back and forth quickly and practice in real time with setting up different methods, systems and bets.

2) Do your early practicing on a midweek evening. Friday evening onwards gets way too busy to be able to see clearly while you are learning the ropes. Really is a “Can’t See The Wood For The Trees” type thing until you’re comfortable with it.

3) “Mute” the main list as soon as you’ve got your trading methods set up. The constant “Ping” of new games getting added will drive you potty and may well mean you tune it out, leading to missed trades you actually want. You can have all the scenarios you want set up on separate lists and leave the sound on for those, meaning every bell, bleep or whistle are really alerts for you.

4) Have (no sign-up needed) open on another tab and add games you are actively live trading on its “My Games” list. This is a “Belt & Braces” idea I came up with, that way  you have an automatic double check running. If a goal is scored, it may quickly wipe the game off  of your Scanner list as the extra goal just scored means the game no longer fits the criteria. Having Flashscore open means I get an extra “Cheering” alert and can very quickly see who scored, allowing me to deal with the trade in a timely manner by clicking the game on the Scanner.

Those are just a couple of ideas/little tricks I played with to do all my trading with as little effort as possible and makes paying the subs very worth while.Approved2

Great tool for any trader. Well done chaps.




We gave this brilliant bit of kit an approved with bells on last year. If you want to make a profit betting on football then this software will practically guarantee it for you. Subcribing also gets you access to the Green Room where you can join others in the quest for the hallowed green screen.

A couple of weeks ago they released a new video showing the ‘Setup and Go’ strategy:

The rules for the stategy are thus:

5 Shots on Target or more at 35 mins, ideally looking to get on around 20-25 mins. Scanner and Email Alerts finds the games for you.
Under 1.5 to LAY no higher than 2.6
No trade after 35 minutes
No red cards
LAY Under 1.5 £20
BACK Over 3.5 £10
BACK 2-1, 1-2, 1-1 for £10 max, 2-1 and 1-2 should have equal green, so say £4, £4, £2 or £5, £3, £2 etc
Named Setup and Go as I let the trade run once stakes are on. The way stakes are proportioned ONLY 0-0, 1-0, 0-1 be a loss. 2-0 and 0-2 scratch, 3-0 and 0-3 scratch, any other score is ££££.
Can halve the stakes if too high.

Also, another member, Corky, e-mailed in a strategy that worked well for him and you can download that for free here:

Scanner – IP Trading – Correct Score Lays

If you haven’t tried Football Scanner yet then get it here: