I have had access to this new service for the last week and wanted to bring it to your attention.

This is an unusual blog entry as it isn’t really the start of an ongoing trial and it isn’t a one-off Approved/Failed entry.

The reason for the halfway house approach is that I’m really very keen on what I’ve seen so far and think it’s probably going to be incredibly useful.

An ongoing blog test would be of very limited value as this is only of any use for live trading of in-play games on Betfair and I always feel that with these types of things, there’s no way you are going to replicate my experiences. I may really get into it and make money hand-over-fist, whilst others may struggle to grasp the concept and feel badly let down, the opposite is obviously just as likely where I can’t make it work and I deny readers a goldmine.

I’m not comfortable with a one off as this appears to be a very new service and I want to make sure it’s stable and can be used in many different scenarios, plus there’s no trial period or limited function “Taster” type option.

So, I’m bringing it to your attention now and will give a final verdict in a week or two.

This is a website based service that you access through your usual internet browser, although there is a warning that Internet Explorer may have issues with the price update functions.

You log into the site and have access to the scanner itself. You now see all the current inplay matches from the Betfair coupon available. Beside each fixture are the live statistics of how the game is progressing. All the usual useful stats are included, Shots On Target, Off Target, Corners, Throws, Fouls, Cards and Possession are there plus an extremely good and unique “Pressure Indicator” which is a figure derived at calculating the previous 10 minutes of possession percentage and number of shots made. The higher this number, the more pressure is being applied by the team. On the FAQ section there’s a comment about how these statistics are taken from an outside company and are very reliable, I would agree with this as the stats are presented almost identically to those found on a prominent bookmaker’s live game stats panel. I’ve always used that service for my own trading as it’s bang up to date and accurate. In fact, I went to that site during a game being shown live on ITV and it was a huge surprise to see the game clock and stats were 6 seconds AHEAD of the live tv broadcast. I actually went back a couple of times to make sure I was right, everytime there was a Throw In or Corner it was recorded online before I saw it on TV. So, I’m more than happy that the stats I’m seeing on the scanner are correct and genuinely as Live as you can get.

The beauty of this service is that you have all those stats and the Betfair prices available on the screen in front of you, no need to constantly try jumping back and forth to catch the bet you want at the price you want.

You do not enter your Betfair account details into the scanner but all the prices and markets covered have clickable links that shoot you straight to the correct Betfair page in a new tab on your browser. Price graphs can be viewed in real time from the scanner homepage.

Once you’re in and understand what you’re looking at, it’s time to cut the coupon down to size. There’s little point having the games with small liquidity pools, trading those isn’t really viable as it takes too long to get matched. You enter the minimum amounts of matched money you want to see on the Match Odds, U/O 2.5 and Correct Score markets, you can also put in criteria like number of goals, shots or the current correct score. This cuts the list down to a far more manageable size. You can then create separate lists, if you wish, to find only games that fit the trading strategies you are using. It’s all hugely customisable, brilliantly worked out and extremely easy to use once you grasp the concept and get the lists set out the way you want to work. Getting the coupon cut down to size is a massive help, there’s just too much information to take in if you leave it unedited, especially at weekends.

Another great feature is that they’ve included a page with some very useful and well proven trading strategies for members to use. There are methods for Early, Midway and Late game trading. All very sensible ones that are clearly explained, giving a great head start to new traders and a refresher course for those with more experience.

Although there is no trial period available, there are videos on site to watch that show the scanner in action. You do not need to be registered to view these and I would urge anyone who regularly trades football on Betfair to watch them. This really does have the potential to be a Godsend in terms of spotting the trades you are looking for and getting on them at the time and price you want. It’ll also help you spot trades you wouldn’t have seen without it. I’m very keen indeed on this and it’s only the fact that I want to see that it remains stable and accurate for a reasonable period of time that is preventing me from giving this an immediate Approved status.

The price is far from unreasonable for the functionality of the software. It’s £29 per month, or there are cheaper monthly rates for 3 & 6 month purchases. I know it sounds like a hackneyed sales pitch thing to say but, honestly, on my first night of playing with real money (I paper traded a couple of days to make sure I was happy it worked) I more than cleared a month’s subs using a maximum £10 stake/liability. That was using my methods, some of which are v similar to the ones supplied onsite, but the software made it much easier and I did take on several trades that I just wouldn’t have seen without it. Obviously, it’s very important to fully acquaint yourself with how it works before committing real money to this but that’s true of every service or product.

Do set aside some time to watch the videos on the site, they are truly representative of what you will get for your money.

One comment I will make about the videos is that (at the time of writing) they are out of the order you should watch them in. Watch the one named “In-Play Scanner” with runtime of 14.17 first. It is currently the third one down the screen, then watch the others in order. No doubt they will put this right at some point and have also told me that they are recording new tutorial videos at the moment, so that issue will be sorted it’s just that I want you to avoid getting confused.

I’ll be back in a week or so to give a final verdict but, baring any major functionality issues, this one is almost certain to be Approved with bells on. A very cool piece of kit that’s of enormous benefit.




Select the “Videos” tab, it’s def worth a look.