I have been looking at Football Tipster, a football based tipping service that costs £14.95 per month or £67 for a whole year. For this you get an email Friday, and sometimes Tuesday for mid-week matches, containing the selections and stakes.

So, life is pretty simple, open the email, place the bets. Nothing more to it and takes just a few minutes.

I usually run trials for 13 weeks, but 12 weeks are done and there is going to be little or no football for several weeks, so I’ll wrap it up here at 13.2 points profit. At £10 per point that is £132 profit, easily covering the annual subscription, but would also cover 3 months of monthly subscription.

This is a bookie-based service; I didn’t look at Betfair prices or liquidity. Some markets bet on are unavailable on the exchanges though.

So, not a fantastically high profit for the trial, but nice enough to get an approved rating.

You can get Football Tipster here: