Hi my name is Muk Wattana and I will be testing Football Trading Profits.

I must say it has been going well so far. I don´t like football all that much and don´t follow it at all. I am sure those who know much about football can break the rules a little in this system to make even more profit.

There have been several games that were very close to fit the rules of the system and they would all have made profit, so someone knowing more about football should be able to trade on games like that too. But I have stuck to all the rules of the system in my trades.

I have not been watching the games live or used any Betfair bots to place my bets, just a calculator to get the right bet size.

The Ebook has 3 diffrent systems: 1,2,and 3 we can call them. System 2 is the safest, then System 1 and the biggest risk is with System 3. System 1 seems to give better longterm profit and since it is safer than System 3 and only a little more risky than System 2 I have been trading with System 1.

It´s easy to follow the guidelines in the ebook and it takes about 10 minutes to find out if there are any games to trade on. One bet is made before the game starts and another bet is made INPLAY to green up or limit your losses. I will be risking £100 on the first bet made before the game starts and green up as soon as possible. If there is a trade that looks like it will lose I will make my inplay bet to win back ALL the money from my first bet. This is a bit more risky than betting to win back half of your first bet and get a smaller guaranteed loss. If you don’t like risking it I would say go for the safer way and take the guaranteed smaller loss and just move on.

I started trading on 31/3 With an £100 investment before the game starts and here are all results so far.

31/3 bayern munich vs shalke 04  win: 14.04

31/3 liverpool vs arsenal   win: 10.87

1/4  atlanta vs fiorentina  win 11.58

1/4  livorno vs catania  win: 0.008 (not much ROI but at least it´s not a loss)

1/4  casliari vs messina   win: 16.08

1/4  torino vs palermo  win:0.00  This is the only trade so far that would have been a loss or in my case a breakeven trade.

I don´t mind a little extra risk and I think over a long period of time both ways will come out about the same. So here I bet inplay to get back all my money it looked like I was going to lose with my first bet(£100) and it worked out well. If using the safer way to get a smaller guaranteed loss no matter how the game ends you would have lost £41.50. So no profit and you only get back 58.5% on you investmant.

2/4  aston villa vs everton   win: 11.58

3/4  liverpool vs psv eindhoven   win: 12.88

3/4  ac milan vs bayern munich   win: 14.46

4/4 roma vs man united    win: 22.09



7/4  blackburn vs aston villa    win: 12.15

7/4  catania  vs  roma   win:11.63


9/4  fulham  vs  man city  win:  4.87

10/4  valencia  vs chelsea    win:5.60

So a total of 14 trades. 13 made profit and one break even. A profit of £147.83, split that over all 14 trades and you have a 10.56% ROI and that is not bad with the risk involved.