It’s been two weeks since my last update on this service.

I had originally intended to finish the trial and give my verdict last week, but as the World Cup got started they suddenly began getting lots of winning bets in a row and the bank headed in the right direction for the first time in ages. We’ve had around 10 points profit since my last update.

What I’ve decided to do is to extend the trial to the end of the World Cup, to see if they can keep the recovery going. Obviously, I will not be glossing over months of poor results just because of a decent 3 weeks and, in all honesty, the overall verdict is extremely unlikely to change.

But if they finish with a really good run and recover a reasonable portion of the losses accrued over the last 3 months, then it may well show that we should have another look at them next season.

I don’t like giving services an excuse to cover up losses but it is a fact that the tail end of a season can be an absolute minefield of strange results. Some teams battling for their lives or trying to grab glory, while others are planning their holiday or making sure they don’t get injured out of the World Cup. So maybe this service can provide good results during the normal season conditions and hopefully learn lessons about what type of games to avoid *cough* *splutter* Friendlies & Play-Offs *cough* splutter*

Figs so far:

Bets 224

Wins 83

S/R 37.05%

Av odds 2.42

Av Win Odds 2.35

P/L  -£241.10




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