This is the start of a new trial of the Football Value Bets service.

I started recording bets for this service on Thursday 20th March. It seems a nice, straight forward affair with simple one point level stake bets advised.

A betting bank of between 50-100 points is advised, based on your circumstances. I will be using my usual 50 point bank and recording performance on £10 stakes.

You receive your selections via email before 12.00 and a round-up type email in the evening after results are known.

So far, everything has been very easy to read and understand. Prices have been readily available and results, comments etc have been spot on.

I did email to ask a question about the bank and am pleased to say I received a timely, polite email that sorted everything out for me.

It’s too early to comment on the quality of tips as I’ve only had 3 or 4 days betting days but we’ve bobbed about around the break even point so far, currently 1 point down after the weekend’s results.

Figs So Far:

Bets 12

Wins 5

S/R 41.67

Av Odds 2.25

Profit/Loss -£10.30 (to £10 stakes)