Football Value Selections has just had a sixth consecutive profitable month. June returned a profit of 22.88 points to level stakes. It wasn’t all plain sailing; the majority of the profit was made in the final week after a difficult start to the month. However, having confidence in the selections paid off as the return for June brought the total for this year to 140.69 points. The Euro 2012 selections that were run alongside the main selections for people wanting an interest in the tournament were rewarded with a profit of 4.74 points.

The Euro 2012 selections were popular and the lower number of selections has given me the idea of setting up two additional options for Football Value Selections. You can still subscribe each month for the price of £45 for the first three months then £45 every month after that or £275 for the first fifteen months then £275 for every year after that. However, you can now subscribe for Barclay’s Premier League games only, for a cost of £99 for the full season or for the UEFA Champions League games for £99 for the 2012 – 2013 season. There is a special offer of a subscription to both services for £149. The main advantage of these services is the large liquidity there is in the betting markets for these leagues and the lower number of selections sent out each week allowing bets to be placed in under fifteen minutes each week. For more information on the new and existing services follow the link below.