I have been following this service since launch on November 30th. It’s simple advice betting teams to win, sometimes as doubles. The claim pre-launch was a 61% win rate, 17.8% ROI and over £19k profit using £100 stakes in 9 months. Tips arrive for the whole weekend’s matches by email on Fridays.

Looking more closely at this, though, most bets are advised at 5 points staked, with a few at 2.5 points. So if we are to compare the service with others on this blog, we can divide that total by five, making £3.5k profit in 9 months. But that’s to £100 stakes, and we normally report to £10 stakes, so it becomes £350 profit, or 70 points in 9 months, or just under 8 points a month. So ignoring the inflated potential, 8 points a month would be decent enough, as the price of £14.95 a month would provide a decent profit after subs at £10 stakes.

Unfortunately, the review period didn’t live up to the overall profits. Using the advised 5 point staking, we’re showing a loss of 2.65 points, which at the headline rate (£19k in 9 months) would be a loss of £265; but at Cash Master standards, a more palatable loss of £5.30.

Here are the numbers:

77 bets / 41 wins / 36 losses (strike rate 53%)

Points invested 380 / average odds 1.9

P/L -2.65 points at advised stakes/prices

Taking the service since inception, there seems to be some mileage in it, but in our review period we made a slight loss and you have to factor in the three months of subs, I can only consign this to the failed category.

You can try Football Winner here