Pete Thomson apparently turned the world of accumulator betting upside down when last year he released AccaTipster which, according to them, received loads of 5-star reviews from happy customers.

Not from us though, we gave it a Neutral. It lost money during our trial but our reviewer, Dave, felt it was probably a profitable service over the longer term.

Well, now he’s back with a brand new unique method that “bleeds the bookies dry” using simple football win bets.

In 7 months he claims he has made £20K+ and that every single month has been in profit.

He reckons you only need to place £10 to start with and can increase bets with profits so you are using the bookies own cash against them.

Pete doesn’t like the complex bets the bookies want you to place and has developed a simple win strategy anyone can use to make up to £6272 a month. Wowsers!

Raised eyebrow?

Yes, me too. Here’s more:

If you have a spare 5 minutes to back every bet Steve does and you will end up with an average of 30.11 points a month.

At £25 stakes that’s £752.75 a month, at £50 its £1505.50!

I know what you’re thinking… who’s Steve? I thought it was Pete! And so the £6272 a month is just at £209 per point bets then? Gotcha.

So here is the claim:

* Up to £6272 a Month Profit (*cough)
* Return on Investment of 26.6%
* Win rate of 63%
* £45 Value Free Bonus Gift

Oh, and of course there is a 63% discount offer which ends on Sunday.

The good news? It’s on Clickbank so covered by Clickbank’s own 60 day, no questions asked, refund guarantee.

The bad news? As with Accatipster this appears to be completely overhyped, as we’re so used to seeing in this business… but that doesn’t necessarily mean this is all guff.

As usual, we’ll be putting it through it’s paces to see if it’s worth it’s salt. 30 points a month is actually very decent so if it manages anything near that, even at £10 bets, it’ll be a worthwhile service.

Don’t hold your breath for £6272/month though!

You can try Football Winner on a 60 day trial here.