It is now time to call a hault to our trial of this service.

The service provides selections that, surprise-surprise, are football based and placed as win doubles.

Selections arrive the night before the games are due to be played and bets are extremely easy to understand and place. I’ve always found prices to be accurate and usually beatable via Oddschecker/Oddsportal,

A starting bank of 100 points is advised and bets range from 1 to 5 point doubles and subscription costs £39.95 per month after your introductory £1 for the first month, cheaper deals are available for longer term periods.

Performance has been really impressive. The only losing period we’ve encountered was right at the start of the trial, when the last week to ten days of July prooved to be tough going. Other than that, there was a bit of a sticky period toward the end of October but not enough to stop a monthly profit being made.

Last weekend an email was sent out saying that they intended to cut back selections a little and to concentrate on the very best quality selections generated by their system as a result of the poor run towards the end of October. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with a Quality over Quantity approach to betting (and always will, it’s obvious best practice), I honestly didn’t think the performance was particularly bad during that period. Maybe they should have a look at some of the other absolute stinkers I’ve reviewed and binned over the years?

I have recorded an overall profit of 64.19 points since the start of the trial, with a strike rate of near 48% and average odds of over 2.5.

I’m more than happy to file this excellent service under APPROVED