I will be trialing another ForEx signal service for the next few weeks. Re received via email, Facebook or Twitter. I am receiving emails.

This service is very simple when there is a trade opportunity, you enter the trades in a suitable spread-betting program and leave it to activate when conditions are met.  Your stoploss and profit targets are contained within the signal. Where the stoploss is moved to protect profits, further emails are received.

I started this service on the 5th May. Below are results from the website, but these cannot be verified by me.

Date Currency Buy/Sell ENTRY Date Buy/Sell EXIT Pips
12-Apr EUR/USD
June Call
Sell 29.6 19-Apr Buy 5.9 23.7
13-Apr AUD/NZD Sell 1.3281 15-Apr Buy 1.3227 54.0
18-Apr EUR/USD Sell 1.4325 18-Apr Buy 1.4285 40.0
21-Apr EUR/USD
June Put
Sell 20 29-Apr Buy 10 10.0
25-Apr EUR/JPY Buy 120.51 27-Apr Sell 120.98 47.0
26-Apr AUD/CHF Sell 0.9441 26-Apr Buy 0.941 31.0
27-Apr EUR/USD Buy 1.4694 27-Apr Sell 1.474 46.0
28-Apr AUD/NZD Buy 1.3584 28-Apr Sell 1.3614 30.0
29-Apr EUR/CAD Buy 1.4141 29-Apr Sell 1.4111 -30.0
02-May SGD/JPY Sell 65.6 04-May Buy 65.35 25.0
03-May EUR/JPY Sell 119.52 03-May Buy 119.85 -33.0
04-May NZD/USD Sell 0.7899 04-May Buy 0.7867 32.0


Week 1 (to 6 May)

Date Currency Buy/Sell ENTRY Date Buy/Sell EXIT Pips
05-May USD/JPY Sell 80.25 05-May Buy 80 25.0

This week (1 day): 25 pips at cash-master’s standard £10 per pip = +£250