Here are this weeks trades:

Entry date Time (AM or PM) Instrument B/S Exit date Points W/L P/L in £ Accumulative P/L
28/10/2013 AM EURUSD S 28/10/13 -8.00 -8.00 253.80
28/10/2013 AM EURUSD S 28/10/13 16.10 16.10 269.90
28/10/2013 AM EURUSD B 28/10/13 -7.35 -7.35 262.55
29/10/2013 AM EURUSD B 29/10/13 -6.45 -6.45 256.10
29/10/2013 AM EURUSD S 29/10/13 4.30 4.30 260.40
29/10/2013 AM EURUSD S 29/10/13 -13.30 -13.30 247.10
29/10/2013 PM EURUSD S 29/10/13 37.30 37.30 284.40
30/10/2013 PM EURUSD S 30/10/13 -8.00 -8.00 276.40


It’s time to wrap up my review of “The Forex Fraud kit” (which costs £147) after 4 months of testing. It comes with a full 90 day Test Drive Guarantee.  All the information you need is in the manual.  The trading windows are from 06:00 – 10:45 and from 13:00 – 16:00 British time and screen time is needed to identify the trade.  The manual claims you can “walk away from your screen if you have no time to keep watching but in order of preference, limit exits are at the bottom of the list, with trailing stops better and personal trade management best of all”.  I used personal trade management.

I started with a trading bank of £635 and recorded results using £1 per point and used EUR/USD for the trial.  I did not commit more than 2% of my total trading bank to any one signal.  Also I only considered strong signals, i.e. where the signal indicated in this system was not flat.  As soon as you get the signal, the trade can be set up within a couple of minutes.

Overall the system did make 237 points over 4 months and at £10 per point that would be £2370. The system does work but screen time is needed as per trading windows previously mentioned to identify the set up. This system uses the 5 minute time frame so this may not work for the 9-5ers.  I would give this system an approved rating but only if you have screen time.Approved2

You can get The Forex Fraud Kit with a 90 day refund guarantee here: