Well we are now at the end of week 2 of the trial.  Our GBPUSD trade is now 115 points in profit (but was at one point –180 points).  The trade is still open with a target profit of 345 points and a stop loss of –345.  The recommended risk per trade is 3% of our balance.

A further trade triggered on Thursday on the EURGBP – this trade is also still open and is currently 28 points in profit.

A concern has been raised about service as the author has not responded to some questions I sent on Thursday, and I have received a report of pre-sales questions going unanswered also.  It’s a shame but as email support is offered , if it is not forthcoming I will have to close down the review early. I will give it another week to see what happens.

Although the current trades are in positive territory I have backtested the system and I think the problem will be a lack of trades, the length of time you can be in a trade, and the potential gains are only small each time based on the recommended risk per trade.  If you try shorter time frames then the system seems to become much less reliable hence my questions to the author.

A further update will follow next week…