OK, it’s time to wrap up the trial of Forex Mean Reversion.  I’ve been tracking 7 markets, and since the trial began there as only been the one valid trade (which won).  So since 29 June we have made 3% growth on our bank.

Back testing the system I can see other trades, both winners and losers.  I think realistically the system is too frustrating with one trade in 2 months, however it has made a small profit.

The other issue is that I have had no response from the support email address provided.

I can see the system can make small amounts of money, but the lack of support and lack of trades will make it unappealing to most users.  Taking a balanced view – I would rate the system as neutral as it did make a little money.

You can try Forex Mean Reversion with a 60 day money back guarantee here: