Forex Net Trap System

I am going to be blogging Forex Net Trap System by Richard Hill.

The system costs £247, and for that you get a 65-page PDF. The manual is written for noobies, and takes a step-by-step approach to creating an account with IGIndex, setting up a chart, looking for entry and exit points, risk management, etc. This appears to be very simple and straight-forward.

The method itself is also quite simple. It can be operated by 9to5ers, but it is vital that you are available for a few minutes at 06:30, and have access to the internet or a phone at 08:30.

I did find the system a tad confusing, so I fired an email of to Richard for clarification. Always best to ensure you fully understand the system before using it!

The IGIndex minimum bet is 50p on the currency pair to be traded. As Richard advises a maximum bet of 2% of the bank, this equates to a requirement of having a starting bank of £750. However, to allow for some initial losses a starting bank of £1000 is probably more suitable.