Reviewed by Graham Laurie

Forex Test Tube is a membership site set up by one of my readers, Tom, specifically but not exclusively, for users of The Ultimate Forex Predictor.

As TUFXP users will know, there are a great many variations of settings and methods that can be used and although my own method does work very well, so do other methods and the site has been set up primarily for other users to share their methods and help each other get the best out of Tufxp.

Indeed it’s a unique private trading environment designed to offer traders all the tools they need to trade currency successfully.  The majority of their members use The Ultimate Forex Predictor and focus on learning how to maximise the profit they make from it.  They spend countless hours researching systems together which are then shared freely with everyone.

If you bought the software and have been struggling to use it profitably, or you fancy having a go with other profitable methods apart from my own, then this is probably the place for you. Their members come from a variety of backgrounds, from professional traders to stay-at-home mums and everyone in between. They all share the same desire and passion for making a living from trading and welcome anyone, no matter what experience, to come trade with them.

They are not offering the “holy grail” or making promises of infinite wealth with zero work. Some of their most popular systems do have losing streaks, every system does (look at my method for the last few weeks!), but they focus on systems that will make you money over the long-term.  It will take some time on your part to become successful. People make money trading every day, a lot of their members do. What they are offering is the environment and building blocks for you to profit too.

What’s included:

FXTT Forums – Within their forums you will find a plethora of useful information relating to The Ultimate Forex Predictor, MetaTrader4, trading psychology, news releases, useful tools and much more. Any ideas or research that their members make gets posted here for people to critique or discuss.

FXTT Live Trading Room – This is the heart of their community. Every day their members congregate in a live trading room at the start of the trading day to discuss the markets, systems, call trades live and to help each other learn. New ideas and concepts are constantly created here.

FXTT Vault – The vault contains all the systems that they have developed for TUFXP over the past year including the exact settings and previous results (Usually 6 months+) so you can trade it too. All their members have access to this when they sign up however it is explicitly for “your eyes only”. My own method is included here.

FXTT League Table – A brand new feature that puts all of their most popular profitable systems into a league against each other. They produce easy-to-read charts showing the profitability of each system allowing you to see not just how these systems performed on a back test but how they would have performed had you been trading them and whether their results are consistent, improving or deteriorating. The members here have given my method the title of Golden Graham’s (GG’s) and you can see how it performs against other methods here. Nice bit of friendly competition!

FXTT User Blogs – Each user has their own personal blog within the forum. A lot of users use this to post a daily diary of how their trading went. It is thoroughly recommended to do this as having your results online where you can easily check over them is invaluable.

FXTT Resources – Their resources section contains an array of tools designed to help you trade more efficiently including a live TV channel (powered by dukascopy) with hourly updates on all the major markets, pivot point calculators, movers and shakers and much more.

FXTT Monthly Competitions – Each month a competition is held offering members the opportunity to win £100+. In August they offered members the chance to make a TUFXP system and the system that makes the most profit in September wins the cash. This works as a great incentive to get everyone working and learning.

Two Payment Options – They offer two membership choices to members giving you the flexibility to pay in a way that suit’s you. Monthly costs just £19.95 (yes that is for everything). Yearly costs £219.45 and you receive one month free.
All payments are made through Paypal for both parties security.

No Hidden Costs – Aside from your membership fee there is nothing else to pay. No lump-sums for additional systems, or data, or products.

All in all, Forex Test Tube offer a very professional service with something for everyone. The forum is an invaluable place for people to get connected in the often lonely world of trading and it’s open to everyone, beginners and professionals alike. I’d certainly recommend subscribing to this, even for just one month so that you can see if it’s suitable for you. You’ll get access to all the systems in the system vault immediately and, you never know, you might find it changes the way you trade forever.

 UPDATE 2nd June

Well, since my favourable review of this service is appears that the owner of this site has disappeared. Hopefully nothing sinister has become of him but alas, the site has died with no forum entries, no chat, and nothing really left to bother with.

Unfortunately I’ll now have to catagorise it in the Failed pile.

You can subscribe to Forex Test Tube here: