Graham has asked me to look at a piece of horse rating software called Form Wizard-Pro, which comes with a very good (claimed) record for finding good running horses.

On payment of a reasonable outright purchase fee, you are directed to a site to download the program where you will also find a very comprehensive selection method which can be used in conjunction with Wizard-Pro, if desired. There are several suggestions for using the software profitably as well, which have been sent in by existing users. There is also a link to an instruction manual to get you started.

On opening the program, you are presented with the initial ratings form. At first sight, this looks a little dated, but it works well enough. Here, you fill in the details of the race and the horse’s record, then click a number of boxes to indicate various aspects of its previous form. When finished, you click Next and a rating appears. You carry out this process on three or four horses at the front of the betting in the RP forecast. There are two ratings forms which can be used, depending from where you are sourcing your form information.

Due to time constraints, I chose to use the simpler of the two to find the best bet for the day. Having rated a number of races, I chose the horse with the biggest gap in the figures. Today, this occurred in the 14.20 at Ascot, where Alainmaar had a gap of 30 points, by far the largest. Somewhat to my surprise, it romped home by 6L, at 2.62SP. Not a bad start at all.

Of course, one day is no test at all, but it is encouraging. I’ll report further on this as I see a more representative sample of results. So far, so good.