Sincere apologies for the delay in writing my final review of Format Racing, but I have been a very busy wee bunny.

Anyhoo….put simply, Format Racing is a backing dutching method that employs a well known racing statistic and a little bit of mathematics to turn a profit. The maths involved is all done for you on a spreadsheet and, in theory, ensures the worst case scenario is that you break even over a given period of time.

The test I did here turned a profit of £300 or 12 points, but to be fair my posting was erratic at best, and there’s little doubt had I had the time I could’ve turned a bigger profit.

I like Format Racing, but there is a fair bit of work involved unless you use a bot (I believe Market Feeder Pro can be used). However, as I’ve said I managed 12 points profit and had no heart attacks in the process, it was a consistent method and one that I would recommend to those who have the time to be at their PC screen during the day – or who know how to use Market Feeder Pro (which I don’t!)

EDIT from Graham: Since this review it has come to my attention that the publisher of this particular product is not above board. He is responsible for several websites, all using different assumed names, offering money back guarantees that are not honoured. Since I questioned him about this he has ignored all my e-mails. One to avoid.