Here is the claim:

The bet that gives Punters dreams and Bookmakers nightmares.
Four from the Top has come from nowhere to legendary status in the Tipping World and here are a few reasons why.

It utilises the best tips out there from Wednesday to Saturday each week to create the best chance for punters to land a jackpot win (and we’ve proved it by breaking the bank doing it).
It builds steady and significant profits by backing 4 single bets each Wednesday to Saturday which members use to build their betting banks. We bet four singles for the long term profit builder and then play those 4 in a lucky 15 with one aim – to break the bank.
It’s this two handed strategy that has made Four From The Top the tipster success story of 2017 – we have broken the bank once and we are going to do it again and again because of the sheer quality of our tips.

I have been recording the tips since April 11th. Some are win bets, some each way. My assumption is that your singles would be much higher stakes than your Lucky 15 bets, so in my case I would probably bet £10 on the win bets and £1 on the Lucky 15s. Also, you would need to judge whether to go each way or win on the Lucky 15s, depending on the prices and number of runners. Also, recording Lucky 15s would not be at the best available prices for singles because you’re unlikely to get the best available prices on all four horses with the one bookie. Obviously you can’t bet the Lucky 15s on the exchanges, but I have been recording the singles at BSP.

First things first. I’m not sure why we are betting singles AND Lucky 15s. I would make it singles and Yankees, otherwise you’re betting the singles twice. I’m not particularly enamoured of any system which has to find a fixed number of bets. It means you’ll be backing horses you would not have otherwise backed on some days, and failing to back horses you would normally go for on others. Having said that, I do know that some services have a fair amount of success with this type of betting.

There’s no general theme other than value, so some days you’ll get four shorties, others long shots. The potential profits on the Lucky 15s has sometimes been spectacular, but obviously you need the horses to win.

The introduction is bullish and confident, but this has not been reflected in the results during the review period. And unfortunately, the “bank breakage” (see above) hasn’t materialised.

There were 212 bets resulting in 30 winners, 29 places, 145 losers with 8 non-runners.

This resulted in -54.26 points (advised odds), -76.14 (achieved odds) and -63.31 (BSP).

The Lucky 15s ended with a loss of 380 points, and if you were betting the units at 10% of the singles stakes, we will call that -38 points.

This resulted in a ROI of -17.1% to advised odds, or -29.2% if you add in the Lucky 15s.

So, it has had its moments, but I can only fail this service based on results in the review period.Normally £45 per month, you can subscribe to the Four from the Top service for the first month for only £11.25 here: Subscribe