I have been looking at From The Stables, a horse racing tipping service costing £30 per month.

An easy service to operate; login to the website after 11a.m. and bet on the stated selections. However, I did mess this up by betting on all the tips from up to 15 stables; this service isn’t designed to be used this way. Bets are placed on the NAP, Next Best (NB) and for Ken’s tips occasional third best.

The headline figure is 0.98 points profit (£9.80 using our standard £10 per bet). However, this is not a good way at looking at this service.

Please note that I used each-way where advised odds where 5/1 (6) or higher. There isn’t any advice on the website to do this but I was more comfortable using the tips this way.

Looking at the breakdown for the source of each selection we get a different picture:

Week Admin
Overall 30.415 -21.35 5.375 -19.62 6.16 0.98

Admin NAP returns 30.415 points (£304 using £10 stakes), and even if three months subscription are deducted these tips returns a healthy overall profit. The other tips are not so good, but you could add more tips if you have a mind to. I’d certainly keep an eye on all these tips as I’m sure that they will turnaround.

As a bonus, you get selections from up to 15 stables, which can be used when analysing the race card to produce your own bets.

I also recorded results to BSP with 5% commission.

Week Admin NAP Admin NB Ken 3rd Ken NAP Ken NB Overall
Overall 36.18 -31.97 5.46 -22.33 12.08 -0.58

Results are broadly the same as getting the advised prices, so using the exchanges appears to be a valid option.

If you are selective, and not bet on every selection, this service returns a healthy profit, hence this service is approved.

You can get From The Stables here.