Friday 29th February

I can vouch for the authors statement that it takes about 2 hours per day to come up with the days selection/s. It is very time consuming, but may be well worth the effort spent. During the course of the trial, I will only look at the daytime race cards, and if I am stretched for time, I will look at the meeting which has the most qualifying initial criteria for selection.

I have decided to start the trial as of today and not Monday. This is mainly due to the fact that I have been able to get to grips with the selection process a lot quicker than I thought I would.

There were not that many cards that met the initial selection criteria. I studied all the day time cards, and only found two races that met the initial selection criteria. After analying them both as the system requires, I found both races to have a horse that stood out as a potential lay selection. The system recommends that you only select one lay a day, i.e. the horse that scores the lowest according to the selection criteria. It is down to the individual to decide whether to lay more than one per day. For this trial time, I will select the lay of the day, and also add a second selection that I feel meets to a similar standard (if there is one).

For the purposes of the trial, I will assume the following bank and betting values: –

Bank: £1000
Stake:1% of bank £10

Throughout the trial I will be using a £10 stake to make calculations simple.

Todays Selections

Lay of the Day
3:05 @ Doncaster – Big Bertha – Lay Odds = 5.2

Optional Second Lay Selection
5:15 @Doncaster – Final Veto – Lay Odds = 4.6