Monday 3rd March

This was an interesting selection. Calistos Quest was a definite lay according to the system. It qualified easily. I posted the selection at about 12:00. At that time Calistos Quest was 3rd favourite. As time went on, the price slipped from 3.9 lay odds to 3.4 lay odds. The 1st & 2nd favourite horses drifted, and Calistos Quest became the favourite. The market had picked Calistos Quest for it’s selection to win the race, but Frontline Lay selected it to lose the race. As the race unfolded, it looked as if Calistos Quest was going to win the race, but at the last few moments, it got out paced by two other horses. Calistos Quest came in 3rd.

Another good result!

Lay of the Day
Calistos Quest – Lay Odds 3.9 = Successful Lay

Financial Results Round up
Starting Bank = £1,000
Bank brought forward = £1,010
Profit/ Loss for today = £10

Total Bank to Date = £1,020