Mobasha came first in the race on Friday, so it was an unsuccessful lay. The results to date are as follow: –

Financial Results Round up
Starting Bank = £1,000
Bank brought forward = £957.20
Profit/ Loss for today = -£29.5
Total Bank to Date = £927.70

We have now come to the end of the 30 days trial of the Frontline Lay System. Although it has shown a negative result, I think that there have been factors that have not show the system in it’s true self. We have tested the system during one of the worst racing periods(April & October are often troublesome), and to evaluate a flat staking system during this time and period is probably not conclusive.

Ross (the system author) is producing software that will automatically extract the data from the Racing Post, and publish it on an Excel Spreadsheet with all the ratings etc. The software is currently being fine tuned prior to full release. Initial results of the software show very good results, and it is this that we will be testing over the next 30 day period. The system is the same as before, but the software will iron out any inconsistencies that may come from different peoples interpretation of what you should and should not select.

I personally have a lot of faith in the system, as it has a logical process to the way it comes to it’s selection, and the extra month should provide everyone with a far greater insight in to the effectiveness of the system.

Continuation of Frontline Lay System

Day 31

As I said above, we are looking at the results from the new software that will be available to the public soon.

As you can imagine, the whole process of selection is a piece of cake compared with the previous manual method. I am now given a selection of potential lay selections that I can double check against Racing Post data and Betfair.

At the moment, I am being given the spread sheet with the softwares results. As soon as I have the software, I will comment on it’s ease of use. The process of checking the potential selections against the Racing Post & Betfair sites takes about 10 mins.

The software indicated 2 potential lays today, but the lay of the day is “Force Group”

Todays Selection
Lay of the Day
5:10 @ Pontefract
Force Group (score -6)
Lay Odds = 5.9