Hello, my name is Chris Francis, and I will be reviewing and testing the new Frontline Lay system over the course of the next month.

I have been studying racing systems over the past 2 years or so and I have seen most of “the best” and also “the worst”. The majority of systems that come along simply don’t cut it for whatever reason. I have however, studied this system, and also the authors blog, and am impressed with his system method and support. Frontline Lay is probably the most comprehensive laying system I have ever come across. It is not a 10 minute wonder selection system that promises riches like so many systems on the market. On the contrary, the author says that it will probably take 2 hours per day at first to go through the days racecards to make you selection/s. The reason why the selection process takes so long, is because it not only looks for at the the criteria of the weakest horse, but also at other horses in the race as well, so it weighs up the stengths and weaknesses of a few horses and then comes up with a selection based on a points scored basis.

The author claims a 90% strike rate, with a lay price no higher than 6.0. Such claims, if true, make Frontline Lay a very profitable system.

I have studied the authors blog as well, where he updates his results for the months. The last 14 selections are all successful lays. I have also taken time over the last couple of days to get used to the system before carrying out the months trial, and these are my selections and results: –

27th February 2008
2:40 @ Folkestone
Debut – 4.5 Lay odds = Successful Lay

28th February 2008
4:50 @ Ludlow
Beauchamp Oracle – 5.5 Lay odds = Successful Lay

I will be starting the trial properly on Monday, all being well.