System Conclusion


I am just back to close the Frontline system. I have been waiting for the system software, but it looks like that will not come. We can therefore not provide an extended trial.

The conclusion of the Frontline system trial is a failure, with the financial results looking as follows: –

Financial Results Round up
Starting Bank = £1,000
Total Bank at trial end = £927.70

The system looked logical on paper, but just didn’t work out that way. Like so many systems, it started off well, and then had a bad run which just didn’t seem to want to end. Not much else to say on the system though.

 (Except that it takes about two hours to find qualifying selections and the system itself seems to be a rip-off of an older system with a few extra filters added! Also, another reader pointed out that had the author been making the profits claimed on the website, he would have been getting a discount on his Betfair commission which wasn’t apparent in his screenshots of earnings. – Graham)

You can get Frontline Lay here: