If I had to sum up my opinion of this system in one word it would be “unimpressed”.

When I wrote my introduction I said that the system appears to be based on sound logic. Unfortunately, the “logic” has not translated into practice. In fact, my sense while running the trial was the opposite of my initial impression – irrespective of any “logic” this does not feel to me like a system that has been well thought through and then thoroughly tested prior to being marketed.

If the system had performed erratically, then I would be willing to accept that there is a possibility that it was simply going through a bad patch. However, during the course of the trial the system has performed anything but erratically and to my mind there has been a dreadful consistency and inevitability to the way the bank has slowly eroded over the trial period.

Starting Bank £200
Ending bank £135.69

One thing that can be said in favour of the system is that there is no way that this can have been backfitted using Adrian Massey’s site. On the other hand, I have come across a number of systems built on similar principles (though they are laying systems) and so the concept behind this particular system does not appear to be original.

I recommend that Full Circle is filed under Failed.

You can get Full Circle (possibly as a lay system?) here: