Time for an update on this system.

Just to remind you, this system involves building up your betting bank from a minimal £200 over a four year period. After the four years, the bank will have grown to a sufficient level to allow you to draw an income of around £30,000+ a year.

With such a tiny starting bank, the first year or two will move very slowly indeed, but with the profits compounded the bank grows exponentially allowing for staggering profits four years down the line.

This system was first launched in June last year, backed up with eight years of results. It’s very easy to implement, taking a few minutes a day, and there is a members site where the selections are posted daily, or you can work them out for yourself. Everything is explained on the site with videos.

So how has it done since launch in June?

Well, this is definitely not an exciting system, not at this stage in the game anyway. The £200 bank now stands at a whopping £238. But that was after the bank went into the red for a good few months. Having spoken to Chris about this, he pointed out that this is entirely normal and in line with what has happened in previous years, indeed pointing out one year where the bank was in the red for nine months yet still ended the year on a profit.

However, putting this into perspective, anyone that had already built their bank up in the four years prior to 2011 would have enjoyed a take home profit of £31,000 in 2011.

I’m testing this system for a full year but at the half way stage it certainly seems to be doing what is claimed. A word of warning though. If you like your betting to be exciting, then this is probably not going to rock your boat, well not for a few years anyway. But if you want to invest £200 and a few minutes a day in the possibility of earning a five figure tax free income four years from now, then maybe this is something you should add to your portfolio.

Chris has re-opened this system for 23 new members. It may well be that in 2016 you’ll look back at this and be either patting yourself on the back, or kicking yourself for not taking it up. For me at least, it’s worth a punt.

You can get The Full Time Betting Income package here: