This is one of the longest tests we’ve done here at Cash Master but it was necessarily so. It started this way back in June 2011 and ran for a full year before I could review this one.

Just to remind you what this is about, the idea is to take a £200 betting bank and turn that, through the power of compounding, into a five figure annual income within five years. It does it with one or two lay bets a day, that take around five minutes to find, and best of all, the lay bets are odds-on.

You get a staking plan included with a programmed excel spreadsheet which tells you exactly how much to bet on each race. There is no progressive staking here, it’s percent of bank staking and the percentage changes depending on the size of bank. You get a definite profit strategy that shows you how to turn your £200 into around £30,000, and you get a comprehensive video training course that shows you exactly how to do it all.

So what do I think of it?

Ok let’s start with the basic idea. In my experience, having talked to literally thousands of bettors over the years, without fail all of those that have failed to profit from their betting activities have set themselves an untrue and unrealistic bank. They have tried a system or service for a while using a ‘bank’ but once they lose 25-50% of it on a losing run, they quit doing it for fear of losing the rest. What this means is that their true bank was only 25-50% of what they told themselves it was.

So what’s a true betting bank? Professional bettor Paul Beaumont, who has made hundreds of thousands of pounds from betting, puts it like this:

“…start with an amount you could set fire to this minute.”

This is the only way to bet and what Full Time Betting Income is trying to achieve is to make the user adopt this attitude.

So the idea is that you take £200 and use the system for five years and in that time you roll over all your profits to build up your bank. After year five your bank will be big enough that you can then start withdrawing your profits, to the tune of, hopefully, £30,000 a year or thereabouts. The theory is that since all the money, bar the first £200 that you put in, is money that you have won, then you are able to bet professionally and not get emotional about losing runs, and not quit when you lose a few grand during them.

Now, the biggest drawback with this kind of system is that it absolutely, positively does not appeal to the majority of bettors. Most people bet because they think it’s quick and easy money… and most people lose money when betting. Or they bet because they enjoy the thrill of it. Again, most people lose.

What Full Time Betting Income does is treat betting like a long term business whereby you do not expect to make any profit for a few years. For this reason it won’t suit a lot of people. But before you dismiss this out of hand, let’s have a look at the results.

During the test, this system took the £200 bank and turned it into…. wait for it….


Yep, it made a whopping £209 profit after one year of betting.

Could you bet for a year and be happy with £209 profit? (Err… personally I couldn’t but then I would start £1000 bank, and I’d be happy with £1035 profit).

To be fair, that figure is to BSP. Had you taken the prices available in the morning, that would have been £474, which might not sound a lot more but if you were on Year 5 of the plan, that’s considerable.

So what can we make of this?

Well, basically it did exactly what it was supposed to do. During the year the bank was in the red for quite some time but then it recovered and went on to make a profit. 100%+ return in a year is perfectly acceptable, most systems and services don’t manage this.

It’s worth noting in the past results there was a year where the bank was in the red for nine whole months and even then returned a profit by the end of the year.

It really does seem to do exactly what is promised.

If you have the patience to take a long term betting approach then this is a very encouraging system. Check out the results on the site for yourself, do the maths, and you can see exactly how interesting it gets after a few short years.

To sum up, the positives are:

– Quick and easy to do, takes five minutes a day.
– Very low starting bank required and that is never threatened (much).
– Extremely good long term earning potential.

But the negatives are:

– Very slow progress in the first couple of years.
– Need a lot of patience and discipline to follow it through.
– Dull as dishwater

I would really love to see Chris develop a betting bot that takes care of all of it for you. I could easily put one on my VPS, stick a grand in it, turn it on and see where it’s at in 2017. I reckon if enough people badgered him to build one, he might just do it too.

Do I recommend this?

The system costs £97. For that you get a lot. In the members area you get the the FTBI system, the profit strategy and a video showing you how to make the selections. There’s also a bunch of training videos, the staking plan calculator (with another video showing you how to use it) and a free bot that will place the bets for you (but you still need to tell it what to bet on).

You also get the selections e-mailed to you for the first 30 days so you can check you’re doing it right, and there’s an option to subscribe to the selections for six months for £60 if you prefer not to do it yourself.

I think this is a good package and very good value. If you had £300 lying around, you could buy this, start the system with the £203 you’ve got left over, and in five years you may well be quitting your job to live off this! You certainly won’t be losing much if it doesn’t work out.

Considering the very low start up cost of this package, the wealth of material you get when you buy it, and the very compelling long term earning potential, I’m giving this a definite thumbs up and adding it to the Approved section.

You can get the Full Time Betting Income package here: