An unexpectedly busy week has delayed the start of the trial somewhat, so testing will commence proper tomorrow. In the meantime, now is a good opportunity to explain the “daily target” system that I will be employing.

FX-180 is pretty flexible in terms of when and how you can use it,  so I will be utilising an approach that Graham once used during the testing of The Ultimate Forex Predictor:

1. Aim for 1 winning trade of 20 pips. If this is hit on the first trade, quit for the day

2. If the first trade was a loser, aim for 2 further winning trades (maximum of 3 trades per day)

3. If the second trade is a loser, quit for the day.

The manual does give guidelines on the best times of day to trade (and when NOT to trade) so I will be taking that into consideration. The basic philosophy I will be following is to get in and out for the day as quickly as possible with a profit.