For those of you looking for a mechanical system to crack the Fx markets this service will not be for you.

Fx Foundation has been set up by a small group of ex-city traders who have come together both to profit by trading for themselves and also to provide trading advice for, generally speaking, amateur traders  This advice comes in the form of reports at intervals from the report that looks ahead to the upcoming week through to daily reports updated when necessary for the afternoon/evening sessions.

Upon joining Fx Foundation the subscriber can download  an e-manual ,which ideally should be printed off and read thoroughly a couple of times. The manual details a set of well-established principles and indicators/multiple timeframes that the group employ every day to forecast profitable trading areas. Short videos on the use of the various indicators can be accessed and further small training documents that re enforce the principles are also available to download.

The essence of the service is to avoid losses caused by volatile markets but rather to profit by forecasting and then entering established market trends. The various reports highlight these principles and encourage the subscriber to adopt these profitable methods of trading.

At this stage I should point out that anyone who has never tried the Fx market at all should, before launching themselves into this service, probably head over to a site such as school, it’s free and if taken slowly over  a period of several  weeks should provide a future Fx trader with the basics of the market place.

The service has been well thought out and commences the trading week with an overall report on what the group feel the key markets to play in will be and the reasons behind their choices. Daily an early morning report is emailed to the subscriber and concentrates on usually up to 12 key markets. These markets range from the typical GBP/USD ,EU/USD pairs to Gold to the FTSE.

The daily early morning report, together with a chart to visualise the recommendations, will cover typical entry and exit points to look for on the chosen markets for the day ahead. By late morning /early afternoon a second follow up report is e mailed out updating the earlier advice and any significant changes the group fell should be highlighted.

Generally speaking most home based day traders will have built up some experience in a couple of markets seeking to exploit their growing knowledge of this narrow collection to their potential advantage. However by utilising the group’s expertise it is possible for the average day trader to trade in markets of which they may have little or no experience.

One to one blogs can be employed for a subscriber who is in need of advice on the key markets chosen for the day. Also small Skype groups can also be formed so that a subscriber can join in with others of a similar experience level and benefit from one of the group’s experts as trading proceeds.

Users of the service also post their “trades of the week” so that the other members may benefit from their experience. For those who cannot be in front of the charts during the day they can get together with others in a similar position to form an “evening club” of traders as others using the service have already done.

The service will cost between £35-£50 per month depending on whether you chose to pay quartly/half yearly etc.

Having joined the service shortly before the Greek elections and the ensuing turmoil in the Eurozone I have to say that to date the advice I have seen on the reports from 18th Jan for the USD/Euro pair and the USD/GBP pair has worked out. I have made profitable trades on the USD/GBP and I would have done also on the USD/Euro.

As this is guidance only service it is not possible for me to say whether others would replicate my trades or would have chosen differing times and levels to play on those occasions. However I do feel that if any subscriber had taken on board the advice given and employed the principles and indicators covered in the manual then they too should have enjoyed profitable trades in the last two weeks.

The service relies on tried and trusted indicators and significant levels defined daily. Market trends are identified and followed, volatility is avoided whenever possible as this tends to produce “whipsawing “markets.

There were much larger market ranges for March, with plenty of movement and longer trends forming. This allowed for larger pip gains using both the daily and weekly market reports.

So to the summary of how trading went in March as follows:

Eur/Usd – Another strong trend through March allowed the team to offer advice  using their primary strategy. With this strong trend  400 pips plus were available using the FXF method and daily reports. Early March saw a consistent selling stance and yielded the most success.

Aud/Usd – Another trend kicked in on this market, and following advice there was a  focus on selling and in total they managed over 400 pips throughout March, using key resistance to help send the market lower

Gbp/Usd – A great start to early March, then this market slipped into a range. Although opportunities were limited after the initial fall, there were still successes to be had using the FXF methods and over 300 pips was obtainable  throughout March.

Other markets  yielded success from both the daily and weekly market reports and the best of these were the FTSE and Usd/Cad. Both markets were poised to trade higher,and following advice there were multiple buying entries to be had. The FTSE and its strong support zone,  allowed  followers of the team’s advice  to trade higher.

In the other additional 7 markets the team offered trade entry areas and opinions that could have yielded in excess of 1600 pips. With a very strong USD and indices to start March, trading the FXF methodology allowed for multiple entries and strong trends to form. These markets included Aud/Jpy –  Eur/Jpy – Gbp/Jpy – Usd/Jpy  – Gold – Oil – Nas

In summary then this is a professional and very useful guide for traders who have either tired of the many mechanical systems out there and are looking to move on or traders who have had some experience in a couple of markets and are wishing to expand their trading.

Depending on the length of package signed up for, the costs can be brought down to approximately £8.20 per week.

I have no hesitation in recommending this service to any trader who has some experience and wants to both improve their performance and profit from their trading.

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We tested and gave this service a resounding approval in April this year. However, I thought I’d draw your attention to a video on the FX Foundations site that details the spectacular results of one of their subscribers.

He managed to turn a starting bank of £1000 into… £259,725.

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And there’s some cracking testimonials on the site from happy subscribers, including this one:

“I have took £1,700 to £3,900 in the last 6 weeks and I am all too familiar with the power of compounding so I know that in the next couple of years anything is possible”

If you aren’t making money from your trading, then it’s time to have a look at this.

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