Well, a nice start for those that joined the service recently.

We have just closed a trade for 30 pips profit on the EG market.


“The signs were not encouraging at the start of the day with 6 of our 8 markets looking neutral and the JPY pairs looked unpredictable. We were initially interested only in GBP/USD and USD/CAD. The GBP/USD never got near a trigger point. The USD/CAD showed promise for a down trade but we were waiting for the Fundamental Data release at around 2 p.m, it rose but didn’t trigger a trade after that. EUR/GBP moved around in a generally tight 40 pip range and was not near either trigger zone. We found a Buy trade at 6.05 pm. on the EUR/GBP and at the time of writing it has closed for +30 pips.”

I personally made £301.

Open Time Type Instrument Size Open Price Close Price Profit
2016-04-28 @ 17:04 Buy EURGBP 10.00 Lots 0.77683 0.77984 £301.00


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