We tested, reviewed and approved the FX Foundations service this time last year. It’s run by a small group of ex-city traders who offer reports and advice on trading levels, plus a strategy to use with the reports. Until now, it’s been up to the individual subscribers to use the reports to make their own trading decisions based on their levels and using the strategy advised to profit accordingly.

One trader uses three particular daily reports to achieve astonishing results, making an average of around 200 pips profit a week without a single losing week. I’ve been following his progress for well over a year now and in that time he’s made over 10,000 pips profit.

Well, that trader has now teamed up with FX Foundations to offer a signal service of his very own trades. Not only that, the whole thing is completely automated through 4X Solutions which is a trade copier service.

What this means is that you deposit your trading bank into your spread betting account, you link your account to the trader via 4X Solutions, and whenever he places a trade on his account, the exact same trade is placed on your account automatically without any intervention from you. The whole thing is web based which means there’s no software to download or run, no VPS to hire, nothing. You set it up, set the amount you wish to stake per pip, and turn it on.

Of course you can switch it on and off whenever you like. You control exactly how much is going to be staked, and the master trader cannot access your account, so you’re in full control.

He sets a maximum stop loss of 40 pips, aiming for 30 pips profit, so you know in advance what your maximum liability will be on any trade and you can set your stakes accordingly.

Assuming he continues to average 200 pips a week profit, that would be a nice £100,000 tax free annual income at £10 per pip without having to do a thing. It’s not bad at £2.50 a pip, to be fair.

The cost of the service is £199/month plus the 4X Solutions subscription which is £18 a month.

They are confident enough in their service that they offer a unique guarantee. If you don’t make at least 200 pips profit in a month you get a full refund. So, even trading at just £1 a pip, you are guaranteed to cover your subscription fee. But since the trader has been making around 800 pips a month, they can be fairly confident that you won’t be asking for one.

If you were to trade at £1 a pip, that’s around £600 a month profit, after fees, for doing nothing. At £2 a pip, that’s £1400 a month tax free, and at £5 a pip that’s a whopping £3800 a month income.

I’ve decided to go straight in at £10 a pip. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I’ll be publishing my results on the blog as we go.

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