This week has seen a reversal of recent losses to show a profit for the week. The number of selections this week are less than previously so this may have contributed to the better performance. The football selections all proved profitable, the golf less so.

Hopefully, the improvement in results will continue from now on:

G: BMW: T10: H Stenson: 2.20: lose £-10.00
G: BMW: T10: S Stricker: 2.75: win £17.50
G: BMW: T10: J Spieth: 3.25: lose £-10.00
G: BMW: T10: E Els: 9.00: lose £-10.00
G: KLM: T10: R Fisher: 2.20: win £12.00
G: KLM: T10: MA Jimenez: 3.00: win £20.00
G: KLM: T10: T Olesen: 3.50: lose £-10.00
G: KLM: T10: A Quiros: 12.00: lose £-10.00
G: BMW: 72 hole: J Rose to bt M Kuchar: 1.83: lose £-10.00
G: BMW: 72 hole: J Spieth to bt K Bradley: 1.83: win £8.33
G: KLM: 72 hole: T Fleetwood to bt D Willet: 1.91: win £9.09
G: KLM: 72 hole: S Lowry to bt B Koepka: 1.91: lose £-10.00
F: Premiership: BTS: Sunderland vs Arsenal: 1.91: win £9.09
F: Premiership: BTS: Aston Villa vs Newcastle: 1.75: win £7.50
F: Championship: Win: QPR: 1.67: win £6.67
F: Premiership & Scottish One: Win: Manchester United & Rangers: 1.50: win £5.00

Weekly result: +£25.19

Running Total: -£159.42