One of the new boys here (reviewers that is). My name’s John and I’m looking forward to spending time rigorously testing the systems that Graham lets me loose on. I’ve been following various systems over the years and have learnt many important lessons along the way.

My first review is Gaffa Tips. This is a little different in that the author claims to be knowledgeable about both Football and Golf so his selections cover both sports. Let’s focus on the golf first. Tournaments normally last four days starting on a Thursday so the Gaffa sends out his tips on a Wednesday. For anyone looking for a one-stop shop when it comes to following a system this may well work for you. The selections focus on Top 10/20 forecasts and 72 hole results.

On the football side selections are generally sent out on a Tuesday for mid-week games and a Friday for the weekend. The range of bets look interesting as it includes singles, doubles and accumulators (oops! brain beginning to hurt already).

Claimed results so far are encouraging as profits were £78,748 in 2012 and £1,750 so far in 2013 (based on £100 stakes) and results are available on the website.

The review will run for around 3 months and I’ll post results on a regular basis so that readers can keep track of progress.