The review for Gaffa Tips started at the end of June. As a reminder this is a tipping service focused on football and golf. Selections are sent through by email one or two days ahead of the event. In terms of the service the focus has been on golf until the latter stages where the UK football season has stirred into life. The first few weeks started promisingly with steady profits being achieved. Unfortunately, the momentum was not maintained and at the end of the full review period the £1,000 starting bank is languishing at £791.18, a loss of £208.82 (20 points at £10 a point).

I did experience some problems in the early days with receiving selections (or more precisely not receiving selections) when I expected them. Contacting the site administrator did not always result in an immediate response and in fact on one week I didn’t receive any selections even after sending a notification email. So, my experience in terms of customer support has not always been a happy one.

Initially the selections were provided with quoted odds but with no indication of which bookmaker the odds were coming from. I queried this and later weeks included this information.

As a reviewer I have to base my findings on the service as provided to me. I assume that the same level of service is provided to all the membership so feel that there are definitely areas for improvement to be made.

The selections provided were clear in terms of the bet to be made and were generally received in good time for wagers to be placed.

The website does show results although currently they are only shown to the end of August. The losses shown for that month have continued in September. Looking back at the published results for the whole of 2013 it does seem that the review period was coming off the back of a very successful previous three months although in total it is probably at break-even or thereabouts.

My rating for Gaffa Tips is negative given the review period performance, performance for the year to date and finally the subscription charges that need to be added to the outgoings.

On a positive note, their published results are accurate.

You can try Gaffa Tips here: