Galileo Racing is a horse race tipping service from The Pro Betting Club providing back bet tips at a cost of in round terms £1.00 per day if the quarterly payment option is taken up.The system comes with 14 months of results and claims just 1 losing month in that time,achieving  a Strike Rate of some 30%.

After signing up to the service, a password is emailed, and thereafter signing in daily with the password is a simple affair on the Pro Betting club site. Up to 4 tips a day may be expected and these are based on speed figures and form apparently.

I tested the system over a 12 week period and using Betfair SP and 5% comms in the Win and Place markets to record our progress. The tips come with a small write up on each selection together with  the advice as to whether it is to be a straight win bet or and each way selection and the number of points to be staked.A bank of 80 points is recommended.For the trial I have used a bank of £160 so that I have the minimum £2 for Betfair purposes.

This is the 13th and final weekly report and covers the period 18th -23rd August

Week 13:-  Opening Bank £127.84     Closing Bank £112.32

Only 5 selections during the week produced just 1 placed effort.The bank fell by 12% through this week and at the end of this trial  is 30% down from opening bank of £160. This is a drop of some 24 points.

The service was marketed as providing a minimum of  1 to a maximum of 4 selections a day but as has been demonstrated this has not been the case, indeed several of the weeks barely getting past  4 selections in a week. A further claim that selections would be available the day before so that early prices could be take was also not borne out as on the majority of the days during the trial selections were not available before 10.00 at the earliest on the day of the races.Finally the service claimed they had only 1  losing month in 15 months but during this trial has lost in all 3 months.

Given that the service lost some 24 points and costs £39.50 a month or £89.50 per quarter I would say this trial has been a Fail.

You can try Galileo Racing here:Failed